Privacy Notice

Privacy Notice

Ton-up Store take extreme care of all the information that we collect or receive from our customers. On top of that, we also want to allow customers access to their data and the possibility to be forgotten. 

In order to use Ton-up Store's services, the customer must accept the methods of data collection and processing described in this Privacy Notice. This acceptance will be confirmed and registered when placing an order (contract), registering or using an account (consent), or during any other process that requires us to collect data

Simply put, Ton-up Store stores and retains three types of information: information received from the use of online services, information provided by users themselves, and analytically derived information. 

We use the information to:

  • Ensure that our customers succeed
  • Provide a safe and easy-to-use service
  • Make product recommendations and develop our marketing
  • Improve our website and customer service
  • Allow swifter customer returns

Registry owner and controller

The registry is owned and controlled by: Tmi Hoochie Koo Kuuselantie 5 37560 Lempäälä, Finland Business ID: FI25922829

If necessary, you can ask more about data processing and data protection from our customer service:

What information does Ton-up Store collect and store?

  1. Information provided by users themselves:
    • Identification information, such as name
    • Contact information, such as phone number, e-mail address, and postal address
    • Payment information, including billing information and payment method
    • Location information for localization (currencies, shipping)
    • Google or Facebook login email and certificate
    • Product reviews
    • Marketing message subscriptions
    • Personal information provided by the client with their separate consent, such as customer response inquiries
    • Customer size data for clothing size recommendation
    • Wish list items
    • Product-specific restock notification subscriptions
  2. Information received from the use of online services:
    • Delivery information, such as shipping address and selected payment method
    • Purchase history, such as ordered products, refunds, and payments
    • E-commerce browsing and usage information
    • Device identification used for browsing
    • E-commerce events, such as add to cart functions
  3. Data derived from the analysis:
    • Product recommendations derived from browsing and purchase history
    • Customer categorizations and interests derived from purchasing information
    • Personal size data derived from earlier purchase history for personalized clothing size recommendations

Most often, the user of our website is the source of information. In some cases, we may obtain more information from our affiliates, such as a credit provider for billing services. You can see the information you own through the customer account and, if you wish, you will be able to anonymize your account.

Who can view or handle my data?

Only Ton-up Store employees, who are trained to use the information properly, may access our customer information and the software used to control them. It goes without saying that those of use who stand with the good guys (that’d be us) do not abuse the trust of their customers. All our systems require password authentication, and we keep an entry log on all internal customer data views.

In some cases, we need to transfer information to third parties, for reasons such as order shipping, data storage, analytics, and marketing. For these purposes, we only use trusted partners with whom we have covered comprehensive data protection and data processing agreements. These contracts have taken into account the requirements of current data legislation and the EU Data Protection Regulation. The Ton-up Store’s partners do not have permission to use or distribute information for their own purposes.

Data management liable: Tmi Hoochie Koo Kuuselantie 5 37560 Lempäälä, Finland Business ID: FI25922829

What is my data used for? 

Personal information is used for/to:

  • Order processing, delivery, archiving, and accounting
  • Maintaining customer relationships
  • Development of our internal functions and systems
  • Development of our customer experience and service
  • Statistical and operational management
  • Abuse prevention
  • The creation of better and more personal content and marketing
  • Enable the processes involving our circular economy system
  • Facilitate and speed up customer returns
  • Make product recommendations
  • Target relevant content for the right audiences

Is my data safe?

All of our data is located in secure server environments within encrypted databases with limited access and firewalls. Data center security measures are quite high, and all hardware is protected against intrusion. In fact, the largest security risk regarding your customer information is your very own account password. Do not pass this to outsiders and try to use a strong password.

Ton-up Store adheres to good data protection practices when handling customer data, and access to data is monitored. Ton-up Store is committed to meet up with the requirements of the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will be effective as of 25 May 2018.

How long will data be stored?

We will keep the information for the time needed for us to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document. We will discard personal information from inactive accounts no later than five years after the end of the activity. Some information may be stored for longer if required by law.

If the customer so wishes, his or her account may be anonymized, and all personal data will be removed by pseudonymization from the account and purchase history. Once anonymized, accounts cannot be identified or linked to their former owners and are impossible to recover. Customers can do this anonymization by themselves through their customer account.

Legislation or unpaid debts may in some cases oblige Ton-up Store to retain some of the customer information despite anonymization.

Do I have rights?

You most certainly do! It is our responsibility to ensure that you can:

  • Access and review the personal information you have given Ton-up Store. You can also receive a copy of these through your account page
  • Ask us to correct your information or do it yourself on your account page
  • Request restrictions on your data processing within the limits that allow us to accomplish the uses mentioned in this document

 Data storage and processing are based on your consent, and you naturally have the right to cancel your consent. This can be done by anonymizing your account: By deleting your account, you can withhold the information processing permission provided to Ton-up Store. You can do this yourself in your customer account page.

Requests for correction or other requests or questions related to your customer information can be sent to our customer service. If you notice any flaws in our handling or operations, you have the right to file a complaint to your local Data Protection Authority. Please let us know so that we can correct our mistakes.

How do I see what information I myself have given?

From the customer account page you will find the opportunity to download a personal listing of the information you have submitted. We are continually developing our services to give you more access and control of your data.

How can I change my information or be forgotten?

You can personally configure, correct, or delete information you provide on your customer account page. You will also be able to decide whether you want to receive different marketing messages. We strive to develop more features for our customer account page so that our customers may easily control their personal information. You can also delete your account by anonymizing your personal information from our databases.

Will my data end up with third parties?

Some necessary information will be passed on to third parties in order to allow functions such as payment transactions, shipping, and marketing messages. For example, in order to ensure the successful delivery of your order, your address and contact information will be passed on to those responsible for logistics and shipping. E-commerce events and transactions are transmitted to analytics, content, and marketing systems, where only we have the right to access it. During your payment transaction, your payment information is sent through a trusted payment agent.

Each party will only receive the necessary information that is required for the given task or function. Any unnecessary use or distribution of data by these service providers is strictly prohibited. All data transfers are conducted through secure connections.

Cookies and other tracking methods

Ton-up Store's web pages utilize cookies and similar browsing features, such as a browser cache. These are small files on your computer created by Ton-up Store's website which allow us to collect analytics from e-commerce users, and to offer a better-functioning website. For example, cookies are used for shopping cart functions, user authentication, and signing up for your user account. By default, your browser cookies will remain for one month unless you delete them separately. Deleting cookies can be done in your browser settings. However, remember that your browser will load new cookies when you revisit our site. It is mandatory to accept cookies and their use on our site as many of its functions depend on them.

Cookies are also used to personalize our content and marketing. Our site also has other tracking technologies, such as tracking pixels. Our website traffic is tracked by Nosto, Google, and Facebook. Through these we can, for example, analyze and develop our online store, personalize website content, and target marketing.


Ton-up Store's right to make changes to this Privacy Statement

We strive to continuously develop our services and provide a better customer experience for our users. As a result, new services and functions may appear, or old ones may change. We will update this report if needed. Legislative changes may also require us to modify or refine parts of this report.

Significant changes will be reported to our customers separately.

Any questions?

You may contact our customer service at

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Toimimme nopeasti. Käytännössä 99% tilauksista lähtee meiltä viimeistään tilausta seuraavana päivänä. Kun tilaus on valmiina kuljetettavaksi, saat siitä tiedon sähköpostilla.


Lähetyksen toimitustavaksi on valittavissa Postin, Matkahuollon tai DB Schenkerin palveluita. Kirjelähetyksistä et saa seurantakoodia, pakettilähetyksistä sen saat.

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Paytrail Oyj, y-tunnus: 2122839-7
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Sinun valittavanasi on maksuille myös Postiennakko, tilisiirto ja Klarna. Näistä löydät lisätietoa alla olevan linkin takaa.

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Voit palauttaa ostamasi tuotteen 30 päivän sisään tilauksen noutohetkestä. Palautusaika ei kuitenkaan ole ns. kiveen hakattu, joten yleisesti ottaen kaikesta saa aina sovittua muutakin. Palauttamisen ehtona on, että tuote on myyntikunnossa ja alkuperäisessä pakkauksessaan. Sovittaa saa, käyttää ei. Palautus on maksutonta jos tuote ei ole ollut sopiva tai vaihdat sen toiseen tuotteeseen. Palautus tulee tehdä erikseen annettujen ohjeiden mukaan asiakaspalautuksena eikä tavallisena postipakettina.

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Sivustolla käytetään evästeitä (cookies). Eväste on pieni, käyttäjän tietokoneelle lähetettävä ja siellä säilytettävä tekstitiedosto. Evästeet eivät vahingoita käyttäjien tietokoneita tai tiedostoja. Verkkokaupan sivustolla käytetään istuntokohtaisia evästeitä sekä kolmannen osapuolen asettamia kävijäseurantaan tarkoitettuja evästeitä. Istuntokohtaiset evästeet säilyvät muistissa selaimen aukiolon ajan, mutta tuhoutuvat, kun selain suljetaan. Ainoastaan uusien kävijöiden ja palaajien tunnistamiseen käytettävät seurantaevästeet säilyvät.

  • Evästeiden avulla kerätään mm. seuraavia tietoja:
  • käyttäjän IP-osoite
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  • tietyt toimenpiteet, kuten uuden verkkokaupan perustaminen
Tietojen avulla parannetaan sivuston toimivuutta ja sivuston sisältöä. Useimmat selainohjelmat mahdollistavat eväste-toiminnon poiskytkemisen. Tämä tapahtuu esimerkiksi Internet Explorer -selainohjelman ”Työkalut” -valikosta löytyvän ”Internet asetukset” -valikon kautta kohdasta ”Suojaus”.
On hyvä ottaa huomioon, että evästeet voivat olla tarpeellisia joidenkin palveluiden asianmukaiselle toimimiselle.

Tilauksen teon yhteydessä asiakkaan tiedot tallentuvat rekisteriin. Emme käytä tietoja suoramarkkinointiin. Voimme poistaa tiedot rekisteristä, mikäli tilaaja erikseen niin pyytää. Tietojen poistamisen jälkeen vaihto- ja palautustilanteissa tilaajan on aina esitettävä myyntitosite todisteena siitä, että on tilannut tavaransa juuri meiltä.
  • Rekisterinpitäjä: Tmi Hoochie Koo, y-tunnus 2592282-9, osoite: Kuuselantie 5, 37560 Lempäälä.
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  • Tietojen luovutus: Tietoja ei luovuteta eteenpäin.


Placing an order

Use the web shop, please. If technology fails, you can also mail us
For an order, we need you first name, last name, address, postal code, city and country. For foreign orders we need at least an e-mail address and if at all possible, your phone number. For domestic orders they are not compulsory. We’d really prefer to have them, though, as they help a lot if any problems arise.
If you give us your e-mail address, our system will automatically send you a message when the package is sent from us. You’ll get a tracking code with the message, except when the delivery method has no tracking. If you don’t give an e-mail address or phone number and there is a problem with your order (missing/faulty address details, a product out of stock), we may not be able to process your order or your order will be sent incomplete.
Finnish laws are very strict on privacy. Your information will never be abused or leaked to third parties. We won’t use it for marketing, only to get your order to a successful conclusion.
We accept both domestic and international orders.


Shipping rates are fixed, no matter how big the order. In reality the shipping is more expensive than what you’ll be paying, but we’ll make up the difference. 99% of shipments are packed on same or next day after the purchase has been made.

Domestic shipping: Parcels 6,90 € and letters 4,90 €.

International shipping:

Check international shipping rates from here

Approximate delivery times (weekends and holidays are excluded):
  • Nordic countries: 2-6 work days
  • Rest of Europe: 2-6 work days
  • Rest of the world: 7-30 days
We use Posti, the Finnish national post office, and their International Priority service for the deliveries. Tracking is available at


Orders can be paid in advance with Checkout online payment (using Finnish bank systems or major credit cards) and PayPal. Advance payment costs nothing. ApplePay is available when using Safari browser and if ApplePay features are activated to your Apple ID.

Our main credit/debit/ApplePay partner is Paytrail. Paytrail Plc acts as a collecting payment service provider and is an authorized Payment Institution. Paytrail Plc will be shown as the recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Business ID 2122839-7

Prices and taxes

Prices are affected by whether or not you order inside the European Union. In Finland, like most other countries in EU, we have Value Added tax which is nominally 24 %.

Returns policy

Domestic orders can be returned and refunded in full within 14 days of receiving the goods. International returns are not accepted, unless the freight is paid by the customer (back and forth).


Once you make an order and give us your e-mail address, you get a couple of automatic e-mail messages. The first one, order confirmation, is sent immediately. For orders that require payment quotation you get a separate e-mail including payment information. Once the package is sent the system sends you an e-mail about this. Included is a tracking code if applicable to the shipping method.

We try to keep the web pages 100% up to date about item availability. As nothing is perfect, sometimes it fails, ie. you might order something that really isn’t available. If this happens, we will try to contact you. If you haven’t supplied phone or e-mail information and we don’t have something you ordered, we’ll either send your order without the item or not at all. So please include a working e-mail address and do check it after making an order! Once again: we do not use your personal info for any marketing purposes.

Contact us

Contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp. When sending us e-mail clearly indicate what the message is about. If it’s about an order, provide all the details, like the order number and the name of the person who originally placed the order. When answering to our e-mails, please quote all the previous messages. We receive a lot of e-mails, so when we get a message from that says “Okay” it’s very hard to find out what’s it all about.

Check your e-mail system that you have sufficient space for new messages. We are fast and reliable, technology isn’t. If you don’t hear from us in a few days, our response has been lost in a spam filter or some other technical problem has occurred.

Our contact information: / +358 45 353 1706

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