HolyFreedom Irene Coolmax tube scarf
  • HolyFreedom Irene Coolmax tube scarf
  • HolyFreedom Irene Coolmax tubular
  • HolyFreedom Irene Coolmax  tubescarf
  • Coolmax

Bored with basic tube scarfs? Get HolyFreedom!

24,50 €
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Multifunctional tubular bandana. It can be worn in many ways such as: Bandana, balaclava, neck warmer, balaclava and headband. 

  • Tubular fabric without any stitching to avoid annoying and ensure elasticity and multi-functionality. 
  • Ideal for all sports: motorcycling, running, tennis, cycling, beach volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, rock and many others.
  • Original HolyFreedom® graphics

COOLMAX® is a high-performance fabric that transports moisture away from the body to the outer fabric layer, keeping you cool and dry during intense exercise in warm conditions. Tests have shown that garments made with COOLMAX® fabric offer superior body-temperature management and great comfort. In addition, COOLMAX® fabric also ensures a superb quick-dry effect

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