HolyFreedom "Pussycat" tube scarf (Stretch)

Bored with basic tube scarfs? Get HolyFreedom!

29,00 €
In stock

Multifunctional tubular bandana. It can be worn in many ways such as: Bandana, balaclava, neck warmer, balaclava and headband. 

  • Tubular fabric without any stitching to avoid annoying and ensure elasticity and multi-functionality. 
  • Ideal for all sports: motorcycling, running, tennis, cycling, beach volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, rock and many others.
  • Italian product with antibacterial treatment
  • Original HolyFreedom® graphics
  • Superior stretch, moisture management, lightweight. 
  • 10% Cotton, 90% Lycra (Bi-elastic)

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