Very Cool and unique Handmade leather wallet, with lifetime warranty. Of course.

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Anvil leather wallets are built with only the best materials and pure craftsmanship. Starting with the premium, Grade A, #1 full-grain Cowhide ordered directly from Hermann Oak Tannery in downtown St. Louis, MO, which is oldest leather tannery in US. Liners are tough 7-ounce cotton duck. Anvil products are high quality and so they are offered with limited lifetime warranty. Warranty does not include:

  1. Jumping into a lake, thus water damaging the leather (water damage)
  2. Target practice using your Anvil product, thus blowing a hole through it (punctured by object)
  3. Starting a forest fire using your Anvil product as kindling (material destroyed by outside source)
  4. Wrestling alligators, thus creasing the leather from Gator chomp (material torn by outside source)
  5. And anything else that lacks common sense that would cause undue wear
  • Size approx 11×9 cm (4,5” × 3,5”).
  • Folding type with money clip, 5-50€ Euro bills fits easily inside
  • Slots for cards on each outer side
  • Color: Black or Dirty Brown
  • "TCB" or "Cash Only" artwork
  • Black Anvil logo liner
  • No Chain or Chain attachment
  • Made in U.S.A.(100%. No corners cut, no exceptions to b made)

All Anvil artwork (and linings) are limited runs and eventually ends. These are unique pieces and every one has its own story.

– These are made to last and gets better with every mile! –

Anvil Customs – Leather for Life video

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