Halcyon Mk 8 RAF Goggles
  • Halcyon Mk 8 RAF Goggles
  • Halcyon Mark 8 RAF

Traditional RAF WW2 goggles. Made in England.

The One. The Original.

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A faithful Replica incorporating dark brown soft leather face mask stitched to the RAF blue painted solid brass frames Fitted with the traditional Split Lenses. Mark 8 RAF goggles worn by pilots in the Second World War, these aviation goggles are the perfect choice for any flying enthusiasts or bikers with a taste for history. The brown soft leather facemask is hand-stitched to Royal Air Force-blue painted brass frames fitted with angled lenses. The goggles are supplied with polycarbonate lenses as standard; however traditional laminated glass lenses are also available at extra cost.

The Mark 8 model is one of the most original goggles in the Halcyon range. They continue to be manufactured in the UK using a highly skilled workforce. The care that is taken on each goggle can clearly be seen in the finished quality of the product. The brass frame is polished to a mirror finish before being chrome plated. It is then hand stitched to a soft leather face mask. The lenses are made from a good quality polycarbonate that is treated with a scratch resistant coating to prevent damage to the surface. Each lens is housed in an independent frame that can be easily removed from the goggle to allow replacements to be fitted or to simple switch them with tinted lenses if the sun happens to be shining.

Anti-Misting – The goggle frames have small louvers punched into the metal with the opening facing away from the direction of travel. This allows just enough airflow behind the lens to prevent misting, but not enough to cause irritation to the eyes when travelling at speed or in cold weather conditions

Made to Last a Lifetime – Most modern goggles and eyewear are mass produced using plastic moulded components, this is even the case with other traditional style goggles. Halcyon goggles are different, they are made using the same materials and manufacturing techniques that were first used 70 years ago, with dozens of individual operations to take a solid sheet of brass and refine it into the finished product. A considerable amount of time and care is spent on manufacturing a Halcyon goggle all of which is done within Halcyon factory in Hertfordshire, England. You will not find a single piece of plastic on our Mark 8 goggles, only chrome plated brass, stainless steel and real leather – materials designed to last a lifetime.

Frame finnishRAF Blue
Lens StyleSplit

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